25kg powder bagging machine

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This 25kg powder bagging machine or called 25kg bag packaging machine can realize automatic measurement, automatic bag loading, automatic filling, automatic heat sealing, sewing and wrapping, without manual operation. Save human resources and reduce long-term cost investment. It can also complete the whole production line with other supporting equipment. Mainly used in agricultural products, food, feed, chemical industry, such as corn, seeds, flour, sugar and other materials with good fluidity.

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working principle

The 25kg bag packing machine adopts single vertical screw feeding, which is composed of single screw. The screw is directly driven by servo motor to ensure the speed and accuracy of measurement. When working, the screw rotates and feeds according to the control signal; the weighing sensor and weighing controller process the weighing signal, and outputs the weight data display and control signal.

Main features

  • Automatic weighing, automatic bag loading, automatic bag sewing, no manual operation is required;
  • Touch screen interface, simple and intuitive operation;
  • The unit is composed of bag preparation warehouse, bag taking and bag handling device, bag loading manipulator, bag clamping and unloading device, bag holding pushing device, bag opening guiding device, vacuum system and control system;
  • It has a wide adaptability to the packaging bag. The packaging machine adopts the bag picking method, that is, taking the bag from the bag storage, centering the bag, sending the bag forward, positioning the bag mouth, pre opening the bag, inserting the knife of the bag loading manipulator into the bag opening, and clamping the two sides of the bag mouth with air gripper on both sides, and finally loading the bag. This kind of bag loading method does not have high requirements on the size error of the bag manufacturing and the quality of the bag itself Low bag making cost;
  • Compared with the pneumatic manipulator, the servo motor has the advantages of fast speed, smooth bag loading, no impact and long service life;
  • Two micro-switches are installed at the opening position of the bag clamping device, which are used to detect whether the bag mouth is fully clamped and whether the bag opening is fully opened. In order to ensure that the packaging machine does not misjudge, does not spill material to the ground, improves the use efficiency of the packaging machine and on-site working environment;
  • Solenoid valve and other pneumatic components are sealed design, not exposed installation, can be used in dust environment, so as to ensure that the equipment has a long life.

Technical Specification



Feeding mode

Single screw feeding (can be determined according to the material)

Packing weight


Packing accuracy


Packing speed


Power supply

3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz

Total power


Bag size

L:500-1000mm  W:350-605mm

Bag material Kraft paper laminating bag, plastic woven bag (film coating), plastic bag (film thickness 0.2mm), plastic woven bag (PE plastic bag included), etc

Bag shape

Pillow shaped open-mouth bag

Compressed air consumption

6kg/cm2 0.3cm3/min

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