Accessory Equipment

  • Check weigher

    Check weigher

    Main features
    ♦ Germany high-speed Load Cell with fast weighing speed
    ♦ FPGA hardware filter with intelligent algorithms, excellent processing speed weighing
    ♦ Intelligent self-learning technology, automatic weighing parameter settings, simple to set up
    ♦ Ultra-fast dynamic weight tracking and automatic compensation technology to effectively improve the detection of stability
    ♦ Based on the full touch screen friendly user interface, easy to operate
    ♦ With product presets, easy to edit and switching
    ♦ With high capacity weighing logging feature, able to trace and output data interface
    ♦ CNC machining of structural components, excellent dynamic stability
    ♦ 304 stainless steel frame, strong and durable.

  • Milk Powder Bag Ultraviolet Sterilization Machine

    Milk Powder Bag Ultraviolet Sterilization Machine

    Speed: 6 m/min
    Power supply: 3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz
    Total power: 1.23kw
    Blower power:7.5kw
    Weight: 600kg
    Dimension: 5100*1377*1483mm
    This machine is composed of 5 segments: 1.Blowing and cleaning, 2-3-4 Ultraviolet sterilization,5. Transition
    Blow & cleaning: designed with 8 air outlets, 3 on top and 3 at bottom, each on the 2 sides, and equipped with blowing machine
    Ultraviolet sterilization: each segment contains 8 pieces Quartz ultraviolet germicidal lamps, 3 on top and 3 at bottom, and each on the 2 sides.
    Stainless steel chain to move the bags forward
    Fully stainless steel structure and carbon steel electroplating rotation shafts
    Dust collector is not included

  • Horizontal ribbon powder mixer

    Horizontal ribbon powder mixer

    The Horizontal Ribbon Powder Mixer consist of U-Shape tank, spiral and drive parts. The spiral is dual structure. Outer spiral make the material move from the sides to the center of the tank and the inner screw conveyor the material from the center to the sides to get the convective mixing. Our DP series Ribbon mixer can mix many kinds material especially for the powder and granular which with stick or cohesion character, or add a little liquid and paste material into powder and granular material. The mixture effect is high. The cover of the tank can be made as open in order to cleaning and change parts easily.

  • Double shafts paddle mixer

    Double shafts paddle mixer

    This non gravity powder blending machine is called double-shaft paddle powder mixer too, it is widely applied in mixing powder and powder, granule and granule, granule and powder and a bit liquid. It is used for food, chemical, pesticide, feeding stuff and battery etc. It is high precision mixing equipment and adapts to mix different sizes of materials with different specific gravity, the proportion of formula and mixing uniformity. It can be a very good mix for which ratio reaches 1:1000~10000 or more. The machine can make the partial of granules broken after crushing equipment added.