Structure Introduction of Automatic auger filling machine


  • Mainframe hood —  Protective filling center assembly and stirring assembly to isolate external dust.
  • Level sensor   —  The height of the material can be adjusted by adjusting the sensitivity of the level indicator according to the material characteristics and packaging requirements.
  • Feed port   —  Connect the external feeding equipment and change the position with the vent.
  • Air vent   —  Install the ventilation pipe, isolate the external dust into the material box, and make the internal and external pressure of the material box consistent.
  • Lifting column —  The height of the outlet of the filling screw can be adjusted by turning the lifting hand wheel. (the clamp screw must be loosened before adjustment)
  • Hopper     —  The effective volume of the charging box of this machine is 50L (can be customized).
  • Touch screen   —  Human machine interface, please read Chapter 3 for detailed parameters.
  • Emergency stop —  Switch of the whole machine control power supply
  • Auger screw —  The package is customized according to the packaging requirements.
  • Power switch —  Main power switch of the whole machine. Note: after the switch is turned off, the terminals in the equipment are still powered.
  • Conveyor   —  The conveyor is a transport for can.
  • Servo motor —  This motor is a servo motor
  • Arclic cover   —  Protect the conveyor to prevent foreign objects from falling into the can
  • Main cabinet   —  For power distribution cabinet, open from the back. Please read the next sectionfor the description of the power distribution cabinet.


Post time: Jun-08-2023