Automatic baby food Packaging Machine

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Cornflakes packaging, candy packaging, puffed food packaging, chips packaging, nut packaging, seed packaging, rice packaging, bean packaging baby food packaging and etc. Especially suitable for easily broken material.

The baby food packaging machine consists of a vertical bag packaging machine, a combination scale (or SPFB2000 weighing machine) and vertical bucket elevator, integrates the functions of weighing, bag-making, edge-folding, filling, sealing, printing, punching and counting, adopts servo motor driven timing belts for film pulling. All the control components adopt international famous brand products with reliable performance. Both transverse and longitudinal sealing mechanism adopt pneumatic system with stable and reliable action. Advanced design ensures that adjustment, operation and maintenance of this machine are very convenient.

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Technical Specification

Model SPEP-420 SPEP-520 SPEP-720
Film width 140~420mm 140~520mm 140~720mm
Bag width 60~200mm 60~250mm 60~350mm
Bag length 50~250mm, single film pulling 50~250mm, single film pulling 50~250mm, single film pulling
Filling range*1 10~750g 10~1000g 50~2000g
Packing Speed*2 20~40bpm on PP 20~40bpm on PP 20~40bpm on PP
Install Voltage AC 1phase, 50Hz, 220V AC 1phase, 50Hz, 220V AC 1phase, 50Hz, 220V
Total Power 3.5KW 4KW 5.5KW
Air Consumption 2CFM @6 bar 2CFM @6 bar 2CFM @6 bar
Dimensions*3 1300x1240x1150mm 1300x1300x1150mm 1300x1400x1150mm
Weight Approx. 500kg Approx. 600 kg Approx. 800 kg
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