Multi-lane powder sachet packaging machine

Short Description:

This powder sachet packaging machine completes the whole packaging procedure of measuring, loading materials, bagging, date printing, charging (exhausting) and products transporting automatically as well as counting. can be used in powder and granular material. like milk powder, Albumen powder, solid drink, white sugar, dextrose, coffee powder, and so on.

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Main features

  • Omron PLC controller with touch screen interface.
  • Panasonic/Mitsubishi servo-driven for film pulling system.
  • Pneumatic driven for horizontal end sealing.
  • Omron temperature control table.
  • Electric Parts use Schneider/LS brand.
  • Pneumatic components use SMC brand.
  • Autonics brand Eye mark sensor for controlling the packing bag length size.
  • Die-cut style for round corner, with high firmness and slice the side smooth.
  • Alarm function: Temperature
  • No film run automatic alarming.
  • Safety warning labels.
  • Door protection device and interaction with PLC control.

Main function:

  • Empty bag preventive device;
  • Printing mode matching: Photoelectric sensor detect;
  • Dosing synchronous sending signal 1:1;
  • Bag length adjustable mode: Servo motor;

Machine automatic stop function:

  • Packing film end
  • Printing band end
  • Heater error
  • Air pressure low
  • Band printer
  • Film pulling motor, Mitsubishi: 400W, 4 units/set
  • Film output, CPG 200W, 4 units/set
  • HMI: Omron, 2 units/set
  • The configuration could be optional as per customer's requirements.
Multi-lane Sachet Packaging Machine02
Multi-lane Sachet Packaging Machine06
Multi-lane Sachet Packaging Machine05
Multi-lane Sachet Packaging Machine03
Multi-lane Sachet Packaging Machine04
Multi-lane Sachet Packaging Machine01

Technical specification

Dosing mode

Auger filler

Bag Type

stick bag, sachet, pillow bag,3 side sachet,4 side sachet

Bag Size

L:55-180mm W:25-110mm

Film Width


Filling Weight


Packaging Speed

110-280 bags/min

Packaging Accuracy

0.5 – 10g, ≤±3-5%;10 - 50g, ≤±1-2%

Power Supply

3P  AC208-415V  50/60Hz

Total Power


Total Weight


Air Supply

6kg/m2 , 0.8m3/min

Overall Dimension


Hopper Volume


Multi-lane Sachet Packaging Machinedetails 1
Multi-lane Sachet Packaging Machinedetails 2

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